Gift Shops and Interior Decoration

Often it's the small touches that help to transform a house into a home, and cushions, the right lighting, ornaments and other decorative features are inexpensive, easy to find and can help make your home more visually appealing. Most department stores sell a wide range of cushions, rugs and throw pillows; you can even find them at larger supermarkets and speciality stores have a wider selection. And there's no need to break the bank; you can find velvet cushions, ornamental rugs and much more at reasonable prices, especially if you check your local charity shop or visit car boot sales. Cushions can help to transform a drab or plain looking armchair, sofa or bed and of course, they are comfortable as well as stylish, especially velvet cushions. Ideally, cushions should match your existing colour scheme, although it's acceptable to break the design rules sometimes. A few well placed cushions can make a room seem a lot more inviting and appealing and a floor rug can highlight a piece of furniture or create a focal point.

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Lighting and Lamps

Lighting can transform a room too, and again is an affordable way of making a room look larger, lighter or more inviting. A well placed lamp can illuminate a dark or hidden corner of the room, and of course a lamp can also create a cosy space, ideal for curling up with a good book or spending time with that special someone. Lamps can be purchased at DIY, discount and department stores, although you can find a wider selection at any specialist lighting shop. Lamps are available in a wide range of styles, ranging from free standing to those that mount on the wall, ensuring you can find the right style to complement your home's look. Light bulbs also come in different colours, shapes and energy levels.

Other Decorations and Accessories

It's easy to find a wide variety of other decorative items to transform any home, and you don't need to spend a lot. Try looking at your local pound store, charity shops, jumble sale or car boot sale. Some decorative touches to consider include small shelves, pictures and prints, ornamental figurines, vases and wall sconces. Mirrors can also make a small room appear larger, especially in a small or cramped bathroom. However, you don't want to overdo it with ornaments and decorative items; too many can give a cluttered appearance.